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Spiritual Guru

Some People Say….Part 1.

Series - Interviews With A Master. Some people say that the greatest thing we can do for one another is to make each other feel loved and worthy, and that people should be made to feel that they are fine where they are at. Doesn’t your emphasis on change and the Kriya process run counter to accepting people for who they are right now?

“Our highest practice is to honor and respect everyone as The Self, to honor and respect everyone as God,” Kedarji responds. “Just concern yourself with honoring yourself and honoring others as God. Then you don’t have to worry about how am I going to make your feel today or shouldn’t I make you feel worthy.”

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Sadguru Kedarji - Shaktipat Meditation

Nothing To Do? Part 1

Series - Interviews With A Master. In this interview, Kedarji is asked a question. “I hear other teachers say that there is nothing you need to do, that we can just be as we are, that there is nothing to be done. What is your feeling about this and how do the Self-realized beings of your lineage weigh-in on this?

In answering this question, Kedarji offers a practical understanding of how to begin making permanent spiritual transformation, with discipline but without struggle.

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