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Shiva Nataraj - The Art of Inner Transformation

Shaivism. Kashmir Trika Shaivism.

The Art of Inner Transformation utilizes a number of approaches, teachings and practices that are based on the ancient, time-honored offering of Shaivism. Also known as Trika Shaivism of Kashmir Shaivism, theses teachings and practices come from an established oral tradition that dates back to the pre-Bronze age, and is based on the bond of power between a Siddha or Shakta Adept and the student.

Shaivism was first offered on the planet by Shiva, a great, cosmic being who is known as the Guru of the Shakta Adepts (Siddhas or spiritually-perfected Love beings) of our lineage. These teachings first surfaced in the area now known as Kashmir (hence the name Kashmir Shaivism), and later spread throughout the East. Trika, as in Trika Shaivism, is a reference to the individual bound soul, and the Shiva-Shakti power all being one in the same.

Shaivism flourished in the 8th through 10th centuries under such sages as Abhinavaguptacharya and Vasuguptacharya, and was revealed again in our modern times by holy beings such as Bhagawan Nityananda and Swami Lakshmanjoo who helped spread Shaivism all over the world.

Shiva is also a name given to the formless Absolute or the Supreme Principle known as the inner Self. Shaivism is a very practical means with which to have a direct experience of the Self in the heart of your own Consciousness that we refer to as the Abode of the Heart.

The Art of Inner Transformation assimilates some of these teachings and practices in a way that teaches you to realize that this whole objective world in which you perform all your mundane activities is not separate from Divine Consciousness. You do not have to realize your divinity, the inner Self, by removing yourself from your worldly life circumstances or daily interactions. God and the individual are one. To realize this is the essence of Shaivism and The Art of Inner Transformation.

Here, we understand everything to be a conjoining of energies. Energy is required for you to think. You need energy to get up and go to work, to eat, to play, to concentrate. You even need energy to sleep. All of your bodily functions also rely on energy.

In The Art of Inner Transformation, we understand and experience that there is one Supreme energy, one highest power that is the foundation for all the other energies that we rely on to exist. We refer to this energy as the Shiva-Shakti power or the Supreme Principle, also known as the inner Self.

The distinction that we make is that this is a spiritual energy. It is actually the same energy we rely on to direct our senses outward. When the spiritual aspect of that energy is fully awakened and directed back inside to conjoin with this Supreme Principle, we then recognize this energy as spiritual energy.

Using the principles and practices of The Art of Inner Transformation, you can learn to go beyond your mind and beyond your senses to connect with this Shiva-Shakti power, in order to master all the energies of your life.

In this way, you can begin to experience a paradise of ultimate Freedom, total Bliss, complete Happiness, and all-encompassing Peace. Why wait? To attend a free public program, use the link below. Or you can contact us.

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