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Welcome To The Art of Inner Transformation Programs and Events!

The Art of Inner Transformation is a curriculum of experiential growth and study for permanent spiritual transformation. This curriculum is taught under the auspices of The Bhakta School of Transformation, our 501 (c)(3) public charity. The Art of Inner Transformation curriculum is led by Sadguru Kedarji, the founder of our school, and teaching staff who have undergone certification over a period of several years to ensure the authenticity of our offering.

Programs & Events In Erie County, PA

Programs and events are offered in Erie County, PA. These programs take place in an intimate, sacred space known as The Sanctuary, located where our office is situated in Millcreek township. Programs also take place at other, various locations, that include the Community Center in The Whole Foods Co op, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation and the Benedictine monastery of Erie. **Most locations are handicapped accessible (see individual program dates and locations for details).

**Event locations in Erie County are only a 30-45-minute drive from points in Crawford County and lower Erie County. We’re about a 60-minute drive from most points in Venango and Mercer counties.

The beautiful, renowned Presque Isle Park is the home of gorgeous Erie beaches on the shores of Lake Erie. Presque Isle Park is a famous destination for biking, trails, hiking, streams and more.

Programs Led By Sadguru Kedarji In Erie

Program & Events At Our Retreat Center in Ohio

Nileshwar is the regional hub for all of our curriculum of study offered in the region of Northwest Pennsylvania and Ohio. Nileshwar (it means the abode of the Supreme Being) is our wonderful retreat center located in the greater Youngstown area of Boardman, Ohio. Nileshwar includes a large, bright and beautiful meditation hall with separate kitchen and dining area. Accommodations are provided for up to 12 people for events, weekend Shaktipat retreats and retreats of up to a week in length. Accommodations are also provided for short stays for people from out-of-town wanting to attend programs and mini courses, and to perform Guruseva. Additional accommodations are provided in nearby hotels. **The meditation hall is handicapped accessible.

**Nileshwar is only a 60-minute drive from Pittsburgh, PA, 60 minutes or less from Venango and Mercer county, PA and 75 minutes from the greater Cleveland, OH area.

Nearby airports are Pittsburgh International airport, Youngstown/Warren regional airport and Cleveland Hopkins International airport – all within 60-75 minutes or less from Nileshwar.

The renowned Mill Creek Park is located just minutes away. The Mill Creek Nature Preserve is also nearby. Mill Creek Park is a metropolitan park located in Youngstown, Ohio. It is ranked as one of the largest parks located within the limits of a US city. With beautiful walking trails and open fields, it encompasses approximately 4400 acres with a variety of bridges, ponds, streams, well-tended gardens, and waterfalls.

This environment makes our Nileshwar retreat center a great place for solitude, meditation and the beauty of nature – in an area where all the necessary amenities are easily accessible.

Regional Events At Our Ohio Retreat Center In Youngstown

Regional Events In Cleveland, Ohio

Programs Led By Sadguru Kedarji In Ohio

Introductory Events Led By Sadguru Kedarji In Ohio

Special Events With Sadguru Kedarji
Throughout the year we schedule special events to coincide with spiritual holidays/celebrations. We also offer special chanting programs throughout the year where we lose ourselves in the ecstasy of chanting for several hours or a day at a time.
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