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7-27. GURUPURNIMA 2018!

Gurupurnima Talk and Puja Offered by Sadguru Kedarji! Every year, the fullest moon of the year that occurs in July is offered to the living Spiritual Master who is the Grace-bestowing power of the Supreme Principle. This is a very auspicious time in which we hear of and experience what it means to want what the living Master has to give, to want the Guru’s state, and how That is attained.

This year, the devotees in our spiritual community are offering this program to celebrate their spiritual companion and Master, Sadguru Kedarji, and our lineage of Self-realized Love beings, the great Shakta Adepts. 7-9pm in Youngstown, OH



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Spiritual Path

The Kularnava Tantra Course On MP3!

The Kularnava Tantra of Lord Shiva - Audio Presentation With Detailed Commentary By Sadguru Kedarji! The Kularnava Tantra is perhaps the foremost Tantra (sacred text) of Shaivism – the instruction of Lord Shiva that The Art of Inner Transformation is based on. It is constantly cited as an authority in Tantric literature. It is worthy of close study by those who want to better understand the tenets, instruction and practices of Shiva, the Guru of the Siddhas, and the tradition of our approach.

Available Now as set of MP3 Downloads, with accompanying, translated text.


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Program Leader - The Art Of Inner Transformation

Trust In The Guru

Trust In The Guru

When I first heard of Sadguru Kedarji and this offering, “trust” was not the first word that came to mind, nor did I….

Article and Audio podcast in which Jamie Walker shares her experience. For a limited time, you can view a replay on video. Check it out now!

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Abode Of The Heart - The Art Of Inner Transformation

New Video-On-Demand Mini Courses Are Now Available!

New Video-On-Demand Mini Courses Are Now Available! Mini courses are inexpensive ways to quickly absorb, embody and apply a teaching and principle. Mini courses are designed to help us examine all the aspects of a teaching, principle or technique, one at-a-time in short, focused bursts, and on an experiential level that can be reflected in all the areas of our lives.

New! Several, new mini courses are now available for rent. Check out the selection!

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Rent Videos of Sadguru Kedarji’s Talks!

Rent Videos of Sadguru Kedarji's Talks! Our video-on-demand offering gives you direct access to Sadguru Kedarji’s available talks on video to rent by talk. Every talk of Kedarji’s delivers a Blessing of Grace and a timely message that is always relevant and immediately applicable to one’s life. For seekers of the Truth and students/devotees, these are a great way to begin mastering all the energies of your life!


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Spiritual Guru

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Permanent Spiritual Transformation and Wellness

The Ecology of Wellness – Well-Being Webinar Series Replays

Did you miss Sadguru Kedarji’s 5/23 interview on The Ecology of Wellness and our 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being? For a limited time, you can view a replay on video. Check it out now!

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Sadguru Kedarji - Shakipat Meditation

Spiritual Guru

Who Can Be A Spiritual Guru?

You find one by seeking out a spiritual master who has served another spiritual guru over a period of many years. Find a spiritual guru whose spiritual attainment has been thoroughly tested by another….

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