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The Mind Loves The Places It Frequents The Most – Part 1.

The Mind Loves The Places It Frequents The Most. In part 1 of this talk, Kedarji speaks about the fact that the mind loves the places it frequents the most. This talk helps us to understand how to tame the restless mind, and how to get the mind to turn within. The mind that frequents the Bliss of the Self begins to love going to that sacred place, the abode of the True heart, rather than wandering in distractions and contraction.

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Abode Of The Heart - The Art Of Inner Transformation

What Is The Big Gap? Part 1.

Series - Interviews With A Master. In order to experience permanent spiritual transformation, the devotee has to begin to discard his/her notion of being just a person or individual, before having fully resolved the identity crisis by becoming established in the Self. This is known in our approach as the ‘gap’ or ‘big gap,’ as some call it.

In this exceptional interview in 3 parts, Kedarji speaks about this gap and shares the understandings that one needs to embrace in order to close this gap in the Revelation and Bliss of the Self.

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Spiritual Guru

Some People Say….Part 1.

Series - Interviews With A Master. Some people say that the greatest thing we can do for one another is to make each other feel loved and worthy, and that people should be made to feel that they are fine where they are at. Doesn’t your emphasis on change and the Kriya process run counter to accepting people for who they are right now?

“Our highest practice is to honor and respect everyone as The Self, to honor and respect everyone as God,” Kedarji responds. “Just concern yourself with honoring yourself and honoring others as God. Then you don’t have to worry about how am I going to make your feel today or shouldn’t I make you feel worthy.”

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