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The Art of Inner Transformation is a curriculum of our 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit public charity, The Bhakta School. Our school is run by a dedicated staff of volunteers and our Board of Directors, who also volunteer their time in service to our school and community.

Board of Directors

Sadguru Kedarji, Founder and Board Chairperson
Amanda Harkness, Secretary
Ben Tucker
Kambra McConnel
Jamie Walker

Deana Tareshawty

Our Management Team

Our management team is comprised of volunteers who devote their time and skills to furthering the implementation of our vision and mission.

Amanda Harkness – Fundraising, Program Leader, Programs for Youth and Seniors in Erie, PA.

Deana Tareshawty – Program Leader, Programs for Youth and Seniors in the greater Youngstown, OH area.

Ben Tucker – Webmaster.

Jamie Walker – Events Manager, Online Marketing, Home Seva Manager.

Tiffany Smith – Events Manager, Food Service, Video/Audio.

David Gottlieb – Bookstore Manager, Event Manager.

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