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Shiva Nataraj - The Art of Inner Transformation


We make this offering to honor and glorify the venerable Sadgurus of Kashmir Shaivism and Shaivism, as it has been taught in a lineage of great sages since the pre-bronze age. Some of those great beings include Swami Laksmanjoo, Abhinavaguptacharya, Kshemaraja, Somananda, Uptpaladeva and Shri Vasuguptacharya.

The Art of Inner Transformation is based on Shaivism and the Kashmir Shaivism that was taught in Northern India. This approach is an exact science that states that we, each of us, have already attained the Self and are one with that Parama Shiva. Shaivism is concerned with how to make this experience manifest constantly in our lives. It is the approach that embodies the receipt of Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing.

This incredible path to the Self, Shiva, provides principles and practices that are the direct means for going beyond the mind and beyond the senses is order to test the teachings in the laboratory of your own existence. Kashmir Shaivism offers the highest understandings of the Supreme Principle in much the same way that modern science begins the test of a theory with a hypothesis. These understandings become the hypotheses by which one proves or disproves the principles and effectiveness of the practices taught, in the laboratory of one’s own existence, through direct experience of the Ultimate Reality or inner Self. These principles are examined in detail in our Exceptional Learning Series of courses.

Shaivism concerns itself, primarily, with increasing your awareness of what is beyond the mind and beyond the senses. Here, we offer a time-honored practice known as Witness Consciousness, a practice supported and nurtured by the Grace of the Sadguru. This practice of the Observer allows you to expand your witnessing awareness of what is, what always has been and what always will be, by anchoring you in the experience of That in such a way that, over time, your awareness of the Shiva-Shakti power, the Self in everything and everyone, is uninterrupted.

In this way, Kashmir Shaivism provides a proved foundation for The Art of Inner Transformation approach to burning away all that you are not, so that your true nature can shine forth unimpeded, in the constant awareness of the Supreme.

The key is to attain a state where you never lose your witnessing, spiritual awareness  and direct experience of That, as you go about your daily, mundane activities and interactions. The Bliss of the Highest, Shiva Vyapti, is secured in this way, in an uninterrupted fashion.

For more direct insight into Shaivism, the Kashmir Shaivism approach inherent in The Art of Inner Transformation, we strongly recommend you start by reading The Verses On Witness Consciousness by Sadguru Kedarji, a lineage holder in the line of Sages of Shaivism.


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