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Meditation, Chanting,
Love, Bliss, Peace,
And Life-Changing Skills

There is a Consciousness within each of us waiting to be fully realized and embraced. This Consciousness is a Love so pure that it is without distinctions. Embracing it allows us to Love ourselves and others so fully, and without conditionality, regardless of the varying levels of interaction we engage in that are dictated by the roles we play. This Consciousness is everything about us that is sacred and whole. It is a spiritual awareness imbued with Joy, Peace and Total Freedom. That is who we really are. We just have to stop hiding this fact from ourselves.

“The present moment is the place of peace, content, joy and Love without distinctions. This Love is the highest goal of human life. Spiritual life cannot be sustained without this Love. It cannot be sustained without the experience of the Abode of the Heart, that purest place within us that reflects Light, Love, Compassion and Forgiveness everywhere. Going to this sacred place within is how we remember the Self. This is how we realize that Love, Peace and Joy are who we really are. This is the only way to permanent spiritual transformation.”

~ Kedar

View an introductory video on our Home page, offered by our founder. Enjoy!

The Art of Inner Transformation is a curriculum of The Bhakta School, our 501 (c)(3) public charity. Information about our Total Well-Being curriculum can be viewed here.

Come Join Us!

There are a number of resources at this web site for understanding our approach and what is in store for you in our offering. We recommend you start with the following links.

Sadguru Kedarji and staff program leaders offer public events that combine wisdom for permanent spiritual transformation with the practice of powerful techniques for making the restless mind quiet, in under 3 minutes! These programs are offered several times each month in Erie, PA, Boardman – Youngstown, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA. View the schedule of these events using the link below.
Be With Sadguru Kedrji

Our Video-On-Demand offering gives you direct access to our archive of talks, mini courses and other presentations. Audio podcasts are also be included.

Mini Courses are inexpensive ways to quickly absorb, embody and apply a teaching, instruction and principle. They are designed to help us examine all the aspects of a teaching or principle, one at-a-time, in short, focused bursts, and on an experiential level that can be reflected in all the areas of our lives.

**Mini courses are also webcast live over the internet, for those who don’t live in the region and would like to attend the courses remotely.

Our Special Introductory Events

Introductory events are led by Sadguru Kedarji and staff program leaders. These are special events are designed to give first-timers an experience of what is in store for you when you engage our school’s curriculum. View the current schedule for these events here.
Introductory Events



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The Art of Inner Transformation is a time-honored spiritual science for experiencing a new dimension in permanent spiritual transformation and total well-being that is experienced by coming to know and love our true nature. It is based on the instruction and practices of a lineage of spiritually perfected or Self-realized Love beings. These teachings and practices include The Supreme Intelligence Phenomenon (Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing), Witness Consciousness Centering and chanting, selfless service and more. This science of transformation is an approach to the complete fulfillment in the realization of the Abode of the Heart, the highest spiritual center and resting place of the Self.

Our events are offered in an environment that is free of distractions!

Statistics Prove Effectiveness of The Art of Inner Transformation

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