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Week-long Retreat
With Sadguru Kedarji and Our Spiritual Community

August 7-13, 2017

At the Mt. Saint Benedict Monastery, Garden Room, 6101 E Lake Rd, Erie, PA 16511. **This location is handicapped accessible.

Silence is the way to God and it alone Liberates. In this week-long retreat, the instruction given by the Sages of steady wisdom of our lineage for residing in the stillness of the Supreme I-Consciousness will be examined and practiced. We will spend the entire week in recognition and comprehensive of the direct experience of the Supreme I-Consciousness that is recognized in this silence of mind and purity of the heart.

There will be extended periods of silence during this retreat in which the instruction and practice of Contemplation will be examined and imbibed. Immersion in the Vibration of the Self, entrance into the Sahasrar, is the intention for everyone attending this retreat.

“There is a place within us that is so nurturing and sacred, so awesome that it burns away all that we are not. Bhagawan Nityananda refers to this sacred space as the Heart. He says it is the hub of all sacred places and that we should roam there. This is what we will be doing in the week-long retreat.” ~ Kedarji

It is awe-inspiring how quickly we can expand into a state of heightened awareness that allows us to experience the Joy, Peace and Love contained in the Abode of The Heart, just by keeping the kind of company that engages us in contemplation of the Highest.

In a very short period of time we can renew our spiritual practice and lifestyle by reigniting the flame of our enthusiasm and longing for a life imbued with boundless Joy and Content. This happens by coming into contact with other devoted seekers and Sadguru Kedarji’s adept companionship as our spiritual leader.

This 7-day retreat will culminate in the full Shakti Awakening of Shaktipat and The Abode of the Heart Intensive, a weekend meditation retreat honoring Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri and the miracle of His Grace. For this reason, this intensive is named The Miracle Intensive.

Sampling of Experience Shares From Previous Retreats

“The week-long retreat allowed me to be entirely immersed in the teachings and practices. On the first day, Kedarji asked the retreat participants to pray to have a breakthrough. We all did just that. I prayed for assistance in the Hamsa meditation, and also for guidance on making some major life changes. My prayers were answered. The greatest boon for me was the period of sustained introspection, that allowed me to clarify my priorities and identify the hindrances to my sadhana. As a result, I left the retreat with a renewed commitment to giving full effect to the teachings, and the burning zeal to eliminate the hindrances to my daily practice.”

~ A student from Hamilton, New Zealand.

“I felt compelled to write you to express my gratitude, especially for the teachings and experiences both during and since the retreat and intensive. Sadhana has become my primary focus now. My entire routine has started revolving around it, and the rewards have been ongoing. I have again re-evaluated the company with which I surround myself by openly discussing aspects of the Siddha path. All alcohol has been eliminated, and my evening glass of wine has been replaced with chanting, Seva, or reading sacred texts. What’s equally great is that my son has found he enjoys chanting with me. Without any prompting, he said that chanting makes his bad thoughts go away, but keeps his good thoughts. Repeating the Mantra has been sanity-saving, especially when dealing with extremely difficult people or situations at work, to include diffusing anger and setting boundaries in a respectful manner. And, I am meditating much more regularly now. For receiving all of this and then some within such a short time, I bow to you in every manner possible, as “thank you” does not express even a fraction of my gratitude.”

~ A student from Georgetown, TX

August 7-13, 2017


  • Early morning open Meditation, followed by morning chanting program.
  • Personal contemplation period.
  • Group discussion period.
  • Noon chanting program.
  • Afternoon breaks to be in Nature.
  • Afternoon courses led by Kedarji.
  • Evening program of examination of spiritual disciplines, meditation and chanting, led by Kedarji.

In addition, there will be time set aside for rest and Guruseva.


This retreat will take place at the Mt. Saint Benedict Monastery, Garden Room, 6101 E Lake Rd, Erie, PA 16511. The Benedictine monastery is located in Erie, PA on the picturesque grounds of The Benedictine Sisters of Erie monastery, home of the Benedictine Sisters. The woodlands, meadows, nature walkways and the walk along Lake Erie and nearby beach provide a setting where the whole person can be nourished.


Retreat With Accommodations

$1,349 per person for the full retreat. The retreat cost includes any and all study materials used in the retreat.

The retreat cost includes shared accommodations in private rooms, 1-3 people per room (males and females share separate rooms), a copy of a sacred text (to be announced) that will be used as part of the examination in the retreat lessons and three vegetarian home-cooked meals each day.


Those living locally and anyone who does not need overnight accommodations may attend this retreat, as well.

$809 per person for the full retreat. The retreat cost includes any and all study materials used in the retreat. Meals are included in the commuter package at no additional cost.


A deposit of $350 is required to hold your place if you are attending the retreat with accommodations. A deposit of $215 is required to hold your place if you intend to commute back and forth to the retreat.

Deposit deadlines and balance deadlines are indicated in the application package.


See the application package.


In order to apply to attend this retreat there is a prerequisite study requirement (see the application package). If your application is accepted, you will need to take the entire retreat, including the full Shakti Awakening intensive. Other prerequisites may apply. See the application package.


Applications are now being accepted. For more retreat information and an application package, send an email request to

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