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Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing


Have you heard or read conflicting information about Shaktipat?

What is the reason for this? In many cases, people who have never received it are making claims about it. Probably, they have not received authentic Shaktipat! Additionally, there are even spiritual teachers who claim to give it, never having served another Shaktipat Guru.

Do you go to a massage therapist for treatment of a dangerous virus!? Would you ask someone on welfare to advise you about making money investing in the stock market!? When it comes to Shaktipat, opinions are useless. This is so because Shaktipat is a time-honored, proved Blessing, backed by a lineage of Sages! Therefore, direct experience is what matters. So, always consider the source where information about this blessing of Grace is concerned.

Authentic Shaktipat Guru

When this highest and greatest transmission of God’s Grace bestowing power is transmitted by a genuine Shakta Adept who is in a lineage of such beings, the effect is miraculous. A miracle both at the onset and over time. Such Sadgurus are very rare! So many who have come here have shared that they meditated for years. They had  a few glimpses of bliss, joy and peace, but still had not changed much as people. Additionally, they share that they are the same person they were, with the same issues. The tendencies and circumstances they always had before sitting for meditation have not changed. Herein lies the difference. Because authentic Shaktipat transforms you in every way, to establish you in the highest on a permanent basis.

If you receive authentic Shaktipat, here’s what you can expect:

  • You will receive this Grace-bestowing power in the way that is best for you.
  • It will be a subtle transmission, extended to you in a way that is safe and nurturing.
  • You will never get more energy than you can handle at the time of receipt.
  • You will not only have great inner experiences, but you will change and become a better person, permanently. This transformation will begin to occur in all the areas of your life.
  • So, listen to the audio of individual experience shares on this page, to verify the above. Then prove it to yourself by enrolling in our weekend intensive. You can’t argue with experience!

What would you give for a state so sublime and fulfilling that it even surpasses what you call happiness?

End your seeking now. You may find meditation, chanting and the study of sacred texts useful. However, on their own, these practices are not enough to secure a steady experience of the Self that permeates your daily, mundane life. View the videos on this page and read on!


The experience and knowledge of what authentic Shaktipat is was brought to the West and Europe by Shakta Adepts. These masters were in a lineage of such beings. Such Sadgurus served their own Masters for many years. In this way, they earned their Guru’s Grace. Most of all, this is how they attained the authority and power to transmit this most precious Grace-bestowing power of God. Shaktipat was not known outside of the East before these beings traveled outside of their regions!

There are people who have the ability to transmit energy or an energetic experience to you. However, this ability alone does not automatically qualify them to transmit this Grace-bestowing power

Many Levels

In addition, there are 16 levels of this transmission. Only one of them culminates in the ongoing experience of the Sahasrar, the highest spiritual center! For example, if you wanted to operate on hearts, would you read a book to acquire that skill? Or, would you mentor under a successful heart surgeon? The true spiritual path is no different from these things!

Tantric Sex

Also, tantric sex has nothing to do with Shaktipat. If you are seeking genuine Shaktipat, avoid tantric sex enthusiasts and groups. Authentic Shaktipat Gurus and the sacred texts that explain Shaktipat in detail, mention nothing of sex at all, connected to Shaktipat!

Tantric Sex Is Not Shaktipat – continued

You, the spiritual aspirant and true seeker, should weigh the true understanding of what authentic Shaktipat is and what it is not. Especially important is to do so before making a decision to enter into this most precious initiation and life-transforming gift. You may want to read Sadguru Kedarji’s spiritual autobiography, Vibration of Divine Consciousness, for more insight.

The Weekend Shaktipat Blessing meditation retreat is the core offering in our curriculum. Hear what people have to say about it.

~ Jamie W. Georgetown, TX.

~ Amanda H. Erie, PA.

~ Kambra M. Pittsburgh, PA.

~ Ben T. Parkland, FL.

~ Tiffany S. Erie, PA.

Some Benefits of The Weekend Shaktipat Blessing Retreat Are:

  • Make Your Restless Mind Quiet In Under 3 Minutes.
  • Life-changing Skills For Mastering All The Energies of Your Life.
  • Inner Peace, Inner Strength, Inspired Living and Pure Intuition.
  • The Power To Heal That Is Discovered Beyond The Mind and Senses.
  • Mental Clarity, Freedom From The Roller Coaster of Emotions, Inspired Decision-Making.

**View a Free Online Introduction to experience and learn more about Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing.

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