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Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing


What would you give for a state so sublime and fulfilling that it even surpasses what you call happiness?

End your seeking now. The full awakening of spiritual awareness, known as Shaktipat, is the key to permanent spiritual transformation. You may find meditation, chanting and the study of sacred texts useful but, on their own, these practices are not enough to secure a steady experience of the Self that permeates your daily, mundane life. For that, you need a catalyst, a spark that will catapult you into a new dimension. This new dimension is a quiet mind and steadiness of joy, peace and happiness as spontaneous and lasting experiences. Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing secures this state.

What is Authentic Shaktipat?

It is very unfortunate that the reference to ‘Shaktipat’ has gone the commercial route of the term ‘Yoga.’ Today, the reference to this most sacred of blessings has been bastardized to promote it as a business designed to increase the income and notoriety of unqualified individuals. This kind of business hype and ploy should be avoided.

We do not criticize or condemn any particular person or organization claiming to offer Shaktipat initiation. This information is posted here so that you can be completely informed of the Truth about Shaktipat, its history and intention.

You, the spiritual aspirant and true seeker, should weigh the true understanding of what Shaktipat is and what it is not, before making a decision to enter into this most precious initiation and life-transforming gift. View the video below in which Sadguru Kedarji describes authentic Shaktipat. Shaktipat is a profound spiritual awakening that begins the easy path to permanent spiritual transformation.

The Weekend Shaktipat Blessing meditation retreat is the core offering in our curriculum. Hear what people have to say about it.

~ Jamie W. Georgetown, TX

~ Amanda H. Erie, PA

~ Kambra M. Pittsburgh, PA

~ Ben T. Parkland, FL

~ Tiffany S. Erie, PA

Some Benefits of The Weekend Shaktipat Blessing Retreat Are:

  • Make Your Restless Mind Quiet In Under 3 Minutes.
  • Life-changing Skills For Mastering All The Energies of Your Life.
  • Inner Peace, Inner Strength, Inspired Living and Pure Intuition.
  • The Power To Heal That Is Discovered Beyond The Mind and Senses.
  • Mental Clarity, Freedom From The Roller Coaster of Emotions, Inspired Decision-Making.

**Attend a Free webinar to experience and learn more about Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing.

“Receiving Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing has changed my life in a profound way. I now know from personal experience what has lasting importance. I know God exists, that God is everywhere, and have a strong sense of my identity with God. This is not blind faith or repeating what other people have written. It is an ongoing scientific experiment in the laboratory of my life. My life has changed for the better.”
~ Ben T., Parkland, FL

The Gift of Kedarji’s Grace

Sadguru Kedarji - Shaktipat Meditation

What would you give for a state so sublime and fulfilling that it even surpasses what you call happiness?

We are each endowed by the creator with a Supreme Intelligence that is extraordinary. This Supreme Intelligence has been called the Supreme Principle, God, the Self, Higher Power, Shakti, the Shiva-Shakti power and so many other names. To experience this Supreme Intelligence, the Self, in its fullness requires Grace. You can experience it by the Grace-bestowing power of God that is transmitted by a living Shaktipat Guru who is the full embodiment of that Grace. In spiritual life, all permanent spiritual transformation depends on this Grace. Grace is the beginning, the middle and the end. 

PROVED EFFECTIVE. In exit surveys and post-Shaktipat-intensive follow up surveys, 96% of all people who have taken this retreat report that they have become anchored in a life-changing set of experiences that are the clear proof that they received a profound spiritual blessing of Grace that is undeniable.

The Shaktipat Blessing begins with The Maharudra Awakening. This is a proprietary, 15-minute process that is also taught as a daily spiritual practice. The Maharudra Awakening prepares your entire being for the receipt of the Shaktipat Blessing, while invoking healing. This retreat is a Supreme Intelligence Phenomenon in which the initiation into the experience of living in a state of Grace is transmitted. It is the greatest, lasting gift one can receive. It reveals who we really are and catapults seekers of the Truth into a life of dynamic spiritual transformation.

This weekend awakening retreat provides methods for increasing the spiritual awareness and experiences that provide entrance into new and greater dimensions of being, loving and life-changing skills. These allow you to live in a state of Grace.

“Until I received my first Shaktipat blessing from Kedarji, I did not understand contentment and peace. Not knowing what to anticipate, I went into it with no expectations. When Kedarji pressed a spot on my forehead, I drifted into a deep meditation where every ache, resistance, and stress dissolved. In this meditation, I experienced myself as a clear shell of a body, immersed in an endless blue body of water. I floated still in the water, while hearing, “I am the sea. The sea is me.” At this moment, I experienced pure desirelessness and content. It was a state where I wanted nothing, no external force could change this bliss, and I wanted to stay hovering in the experience forever, merged completely into this blue sea. It was a thoughtless state, beyond anything words could describe. It would not be until months and years later that I realized I had a glimpse into that “end state,” that place beyond the mind and beyond the senses the Great Beings of this lineage write about.”
~ Jamie W., Georgetown, TX

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