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Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing


Meditation, chanting, the study of sacred texts – you may find these useful but, on their own, these practices are not enough to secure a steady experience of the Supreme Intelligence or the Self that then permeates your daily, mundane life. For that, you need a catalyst, a spark that will catapult you into a new dimension while making a quiet mind and steadiness of joy, peace and happiness spontaneous and lasting experiences. Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing secures this state.

The Gift of Kedarji’s Grace

We are each endowed by the creator with a Supreme Intelligence that is extraordinary. This Supreme Intelligence has been called the Supreme Principle, God, the Self, Higher Power, Shakti, the Shiva-Shakti power and so many other names. This Supreme Intelligence is understood and experienced by the Grace-bestowing power of God that is transmitted by the living Shakta Adept, a Shaktipat Guru who is the full embodiment of that Grace.

Learn more about Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing and The Supreme Intelligence Phenomenon, our weekend awakening retreat, and view the schedule of upcoming retreats.


What is Authentic Shaktipat?

When people are not properly educated in a particular subject, they will be prone to making rash, uninformed decisions – exposing them to the gullibility that leads to financial theft and other abuses. The information on this page is designed to prevent that from happening to you.

For newcomers and others, it is very unfortunate that the reference to ‘Shaktipat’ has gone the commercial route of the term ‘Yoga.’ Today, the reference to what Shaktipat is has been bastardized to promote it as a business or commercial entity, designed to increase the income and notoriety of unqualified individuals, as their first and top priority. This kind of business hype and ploy should be avoided where Shaktipat is concerned.

We have information that is offered to address this issue so that you, the spiritual aspirant and true seeker, can weigh the true understanding of what Shaktipat is and what it is not, before making a decision to enter into this most precious initiation and life-transforming gift. View the video below in which Sadguru Kedarji describes authentic Shaktipat, the profound spiritual awakening that begins the easy path to permanent spiritual transformation, and who can give it.

Further discussions about Shaktipat, along with how to perform your own due diligence with respect to finding a true Shaktipat Guru, are offered in many of our live events.

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