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Meditation - Shaktipat - Sadguru Kedarji

Is your mind restless?
Is your busy lifestyle impacting your well being?

Learn the daily rituals of the spiritually powerful, happiest and healthiest people on the planet!
Inspired Living Through Permanent Spiritual Transformation & Total Well-Being!

Lifestyle Medicine for Total Well-Being – FREE

Where Are You On This Spectrum?

  • By 2020, the CDC expects that more than 1 million men and more than 900,000 women in the U.S. will develop cancer!
  • More than 630,00 Americans die of heart disease each year, even after surgery. The CDC expects the number to increase to 1 in every 3 deaths caused by heart disease!
  • Half of all Americans have diabetes, not including those who have not yet been diagnosed. The CDC expects that the number of people with diabetes in the U.S. will triple by 2050.
  • According to reports by the Huffington Post, CNN, Reuters and Newsmax, based on the current, upward trend, more than 75% of all Americans will be obese by 2020!

An exclusive interview with Sadguru Kedarji, founder of Soma Essential Healing and producer of The Diabesity Challenge, in which he shares the 4 pillars of Total Well-Being and how this unique offering has impacted the well-being of so many to improve their life experience.

  • Learn a technique to access your spiritual power in less than 3 minutes.
  • Learn a method for improving your mental state immediately.
  • Learn how to access emotional resilience for healthy, loving interactions.
  • Learn about the pathway to vibrant health.
  • Learn of the number one medical tool you will ever need for vibrant health.

MAY 23rd @7:30pm

Give Us 45 Minutes and We’ll Start Your Transformation To Total Well-Being! Pre-reserve Now using the form below. You will receive the reservation link with our reply.

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